HomeTomoyuki Sakaguchi

(Sokyu-sha, 2007)

Home is Tama, a suburban district of Tokyo, Japan’s largest planned residential development, and the hometown of Japanese photographer Tomoyuki Sakaguchi. Sakaguchi’s nightly expeditions portray a suburb at rest, an environment void of its inhabitants and any expression of individuality. This landscape is a neighborhood of sameness, a fabricated land of function and cohesion, but portrayed through Sakaguchi’s lens it becomes a nocturnal wonderland.

The vibrant artificial light that washes the frames of these images transforms the accessories of uniformity into magical props of a dream-like fantasy; what is an architectural wilderness becomes something precious and otherworldly. Like a stage-set fueled with the expectation of a performance, these images have a palpable tension, every inch of the frame emphasizing an infustructure in readiness for the next cycle of suburban routine.

As the inhabitants of these structures sleep, unaware of this nocturnal surveillance, we are reminded of the necessity of home, not just as shelter, but as refuges of sanctuary and security.

Home is a magical and exquisite body of work, created by a photographer who has the remarkable ability of revealing the wonder in the everyday and finding beauty in the most unlikely of locations. Nightly meanders into the bowels of suburbia have never been more enticing.

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