Marjaana KellaMarjaana Kella

(Van Zoetendaal, 2002)

Photographer Marjaana Kella is preoccupied with identity and uses what initially seems to be classic portrait composition to examine the medium’s fraternization with ‘reality’. This title is divided into two bodies of work, Reversed (1996-1997) and Hypnosis (1997-2001).

In Kella’s work the viewer is forced to scrutinize the smallest of details on the surface, to emphasis the potential internal and invisible. The subjects of Kella’s work never offer us their gaze and we are compelled to contextualize them in our own imagination. This is a series of portraits that both reveal and conceal the identity of the subjects and where the face has become a facade.

“My photographs are kind of studies of perception and experience, or of the interface between people’s external and internal spaces.” -Marjaana Kella

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